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This website is a resource for Glendon Way Homeowners to keep up to date with changes and rules in our community. Feel free to help us improve our site and our community with your time and suggestions.

In the interest of protecting homeowners and their families, preseving property values and enhancing the quality of life within the community, the Association has developed a standard set of rules and procedures addressing the renting/leasing of homes within the community. Please read the Rental Resolution.

Please note that we are using a Google interface in our forum to facilitate the enrollment to new people. If you have not done so yet please sign up.

We have added a credit card payment option; please visit our HOA Dues section for more information.

To access the Glendon Way HOA forum, please follow this step-by-step instructions

  • Board Meetings

    The HOA Board meets every month. If you have any concerns or questions you would like to discuss at the next board meeting , please see the FAQ on the contact us page. Meetings will be held the third Tuesday of every month at the Murray Library (166 E 5300 S) at 6:30pm.
  • HOA Dues

    You can pay your HOA dues here.
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